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Professional Organizers. How do they work? When should I hire one?

Hire a Professional Organizer

“Professional organizers are part of the professional organizing industry which has been developed in order to help individuals and businesses design systems and processes through transferring skills and using organizing principles. Professional organizers aim to help individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper and their systems for life by designing custom organizing systems and teaching organizing skills.” source Wikipedia.

Types of Professional Organizers

Many types of organizers are available to help you get organized. Corporate organizers help companies come up with more efficient systems of organization. They can help with computer, paper, filing, time management and productivity. Most professional organizers have a more broad spectrum of organizing specialities, such as, organizing entire homes, home office and help with general everyday organization challenges.

Organizers have a starting rate of $55.  The more years experience under their belt, the rates go up. A professional organizer with 8 plus years of experience make between $65 and $125 per hour. The more specialized the area of expertise, the higher the hourly rate. The more difficult the job, the higher the hourly rate. Corporate professional organizers with technical background, make anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour. Many professional organizers offer many different rate packages.

Some people are so overwhelmed they have no idea of where to begin or how to get started. For example, a busy professional, dual income households, or people with ADD or ADHD have a difficult time developing and maintaining organization in their everyday lives. Time is wasted searching for what you need and trying to remember where something is located. Numerous times you re-buy things you already own, but have no idea of where it is located. Disorganized people sometimes have late bills which results in penalty fees, damaged credit which is a terrible waste of money. People can truly benefit from hiring a professional organizer to help get their lives in order.

10 Ways an Organizer Helps You: 

  1. Organize your paper work, come up with a labeled filing system and organize your bills so you do not have late payments.
  2. Tackle your cluttered catch all closet or guest bedroom.
  3. Teach you how to get organized and maintain some type of organization.
  4. Teach you time management strategies to help you to spend more time with your family.
  5. Design storage or closet systems to create more organized spaces.
  6. De-clutter your garage, basement or entire home.
  7. Sort and organize all home contents.
  8. Take pictures and compile a home inventory list.
  9. Help you decide what clothes to keep, donate and what you need to buy to complete your wardrobe.
  10. Seasonal wardrobe changes and kitchen organization.


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