Tips to Get You Started with Home & Office Organizing

Donate 4 Times A Year

Organizing home and office tips are ways to get you motivated to de-clutter. Start with donating on a regular basis. I recommend donating 4 times a year. Keep a donation box in a garage, basement, or a closet at all times. Once it is full drop it off to a donation center and start over. When you buy something new, drop a couple of older items in your donation box. This new habit will help control clutter and also help someone in need. Tax deduction receipts are an added bonus to donating.

Go Paperless

Go paperless people!! Most bills today are offered electronically. Bills can be viewed via email, online, or sent to an online bill pay with your bank. This helps reduce paper clutter. Time consuming filing is greatly reduced if you have online bill pay. You also save money if you pay your bills online. You do not spend as much money on checks or stamps, an added bonus to electronic payments.

Look Up/ Look Down

Are you having trouble finding space for your belongings? Look up and down in your closets, attic, basement, garage and cabinets. Valuable space is wasted if you do not utilize it. If you have trouble with visualizing a solution to your organizing problems then hire a professional organizer or a custom closet or cabinet installation company.

Change Your Old Habits

The number one cause of disorganization is a series of bad habits. Disorganized adults were most likely disorganized children at one time. Sure it is hard to change, but it is necessary to make a change if you want to be organized. I believe everyone can change, old and young. I think it is a little bit easier to change a set of old bad habits and turn them into some new good habits. I promise it is not that painful. It just takes 30 extra minutes a day of a new routine to make a huge difference in home organization.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is the key to organization. So many people feel they need so many things to be happy. Things are just things. People are what matter in life. If you are overwhelmed with your life then maybe you need to simplify it. Less is more. When you have less, you are more likely to find what you need when you need it. You can start slowly while simplifying your life if it is really hard to let go. I guarantee the more you let go, the more empowered you will feel.

Custom Closets & Storage Solutions

Call Truorder or a custom closet company for help. Truorder can help point you in the right direction and work with your custom closet company to design the organized space you long for. Custom closets or storage spaces can help solve problem areas of clutter or disorganization. We are the “in between” helpers before and after custom closet or storage installation.