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Closet Specialist in Atlanta

Many homeowners find themselves in complete disorganization due to a lack of organized design in their closets or other storage spaces. Closets should be more than just hanging rods jammed with clothes. Attics, basements and garages are ideal spaces for storage, but are often neglected during the design of the home. These spaces without a storage solution can become dumping grounds. Custom closet companies and a professional organizer (like me!) are just a call away from saving you from disorganized clutter.

Tips on finding a Closet Specialist in Atlanta:

  1. The Internet is the fastest way to search for custom closet companies. Search Atlanta custom closet companies to find a variety of professionals in your area.
  2. It’s a good idea to get at least two estimates before deciding on a closet company.
  3. Be sure to hire a professional organizer to help you during your “in between” stages of closet installation. Remember, it will be necessary to empty the space before installation and then fill in the new space once completed. A professional organizer can make closet installation painless.
  4. Get ready to “let go” of old clutter. You may want to donate and trash old clothes, shoes, and other items in order to get ready for the new and improved closet design.
  5. Do you hate folding? If yes, then be sure to have your closet designer design the closet with as much hanging space as possible.
  6. Consider hiring an electrician to install lighting for your new closet space.
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