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Organizing Services by Truorder

Picture your life simplified and organized. Walk into a room and know what contents are found inside of each drawer, cabinet or closet. Bills are paid on time and all papers are filed away or discarded.

A professional that never misses a payment or appointment because all necessary papers are filed away and their electronic reminders help them to never miss a beat.

Men and women that know where their scissors, pens and keys are. Husbands know right where to find a measuring tape or hammer. Wives are able to take a bath without distractions because Cindy knows where her school supplies are located and Tim can easily find his own snack without adult help. The kids are able to find their favorite toy and something to wear independently.

Does this seem like a dream to you? Well it does not have to be. Kristi from Truorder can help simplify your life by helping you de-clutter and organize your home for optimum functionality.

Home Organizing Services

✔ Closet Design & Organization
✔ Home Organization
✔ Kitchen Organization
✔ Bathroom Organization
✔ Library Organization
✔ ADD & ADHD Organization
✔ Special Needs Organization
✔ Time Management Consultation
✔ Moving Preparation
✔ Merging of Two Households
✔ Home Contents Inventory
✔ Home Office Organizing
✔ Space Planning

Business & Office Organizing Services

✔ Business Organizing Services
✔ Clear the Clutter General Office Organizing
✔ Streamline Paper and Record Organization
✔ Digital Organization
✔ Sensitive Paper and Record Organization
✔ Human Resources Filing and Organization
✔ Time Management and Productivity Consultation
✔ Break Room Organization
✔ Office Supplies Organization
✔ Office Layout Help

 Digital Organization Services – Click here to learn more.

*Professional Organizing ServicesGo to contact page in order to request an hourly quote.

  • Professional organizing services charge by the hour based on distance from our location.

*On-Site Consultations are for people that can do the physical part of organization, but need a professional organizers guidance.

  • This service is ideal for people who have no idea of where to get started and what organizing products to buy.
  • On-Site consultations are a 1 hour visit that includes a walk-through of your home or office, before pictures, a written report with recommendations, Pinterest ideas for client email & verbal recommendations and one follow up phone call in case you get stumped or need additional information.

Go to contact page in order to request an hourly quote.

*Virtual Consultations are for people that would like recommendations from a professional organizer based on photographs the client takes and emails.

  • This service includes two 30-minute telephone conversations within 2 months and 2 emails packed with organizing recommendations, where to buy organizing products and Pinterest ideas for client.
  • We will discuss organizing options, timeline, recommendations on what to buy and necessary homework assignments either on the phone or in an email.
  • Go to contact page in order to request an hourly quote.