Professional Organizer Services


Organizing Services by Truorder

Picture your life simplified and organized. Walk into a room and know what contents are found inside of each drawer, cabinet or closet. Bills are paid on time and all papers are filed away or discarded.

A professional that never misses a payment or appointment because all necessary papers are filed away and their electronic reminders help them to never miss a beat.

Does this seem like a dream to you? Well it does not have to be. Professional organizer Kristi from Truorder can help simplify your life by helping you de-clutter and organize your home for optimum functionality.

Home organizing services

✔ Closet design
✔ Bedroom
✔ Kitchen
✔ Bathroom
✔ Library
✔ Special needs
✔ Time management consultation
✔ Moving preparation
✔ Merging of two households
✔ Home contents inventory
✔ Home office
✔ Space planning

Business organizing services

✔ Clear the clutter
✔ Streamline paper and records
✔ Digital organization
✔ Sensitive paper and records
✔ Human resources filing
✔ Time management consultation
✔ Break room
✔ Office supplies
✔ Office layout help