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Top ways to reduce paper clutter

Office Organization

  • Stop printing. Electronic documents that are saved into organized folders are easy to find. Resist the temptation of printing and save a tree.
  • Recycle and shred. Open mail next to a recycle bin and shredder. 80% of the mail we receive is junk mail. Shred mail that has sensitive information only.
  • Create a filing system. Make logical tabs that make sense to you and keep it simple.
  • Create a take action system. Incoming mail such as invoices and bills need to be kept in a file folder or basket labeled “take action”.
  • Create a receipt system. Keep only receipts you need to use for taxes or if you need to return something. Create a receipt file and clean it out once a year.
  • Hire Help. A professional organizer can help de-clutter paper, set up a filing system and maintain order in your environment.
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