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Top consumable gifts that anyone would love

Consumable gifts are a fantastic alternative to toys or any tangible gift that more often than not becomes clutter. The average American does not use 75% of what they own. Stuff sits in closets, under beds, attics, basements and garages unused collecting dust. Why not reduce clutter by giving time, experiences or a class?

Top consumable gifts that anyone would love

  • Make a favorite dessert or dinner
  • Give the gift of time
  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Movie or golf certificates
  • Membership to museum, zoo or amusement park
  • Concert or performing arts tickets
  • Trip with family or friends
  • Gift certificate for a home service like lawn care or cleaning
  • Voucher to babysit or help a friend with a needed home project
  • Give the gift of a class, such as, karate, gymnastics or swim


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