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Family Time Management Tips

Poor time management is a big stressor for many of today’s busy families. A number of families take on too many activities and end up suffering in the long run because they are so stressed trying to remember what comes next on their daily agenda. Stress can cause sickness, poor diet, forgetfulness, anger, and number of other issues. A planned daily time management checklist can reduce stress and promote wellbeing for the whole family. Hire a professional organizer or a personal assistant to help you come up with a time management solution.

Time Management Tips:

  1. Buy a master family calendar, daily planner or dry-erase board to keep in the kitchen. Keep track of appointments, recreational activities and birthdays for the entire family on the calendar.
  2. Learn how to say “No.” I promise it is not a bad word. The word “No” will empower you and help you stay organized by not taking on too much.
  3. Prioritize your daily tasks and try to accomplish them in a logical order. Do what is most important first. If you do not finish everything you would like to do that day then add what you were not able to finish to the next day’s list.
  4. Be realistic on your daily “to do” list. No one is perfect. Do your best and don’t sweat it if you do not accomplish everything on your list.
  5. Know when to get the help you may need to stay on task. Homes with multiple children, ageing parents, or blended families can become overwhelming from time to time.
  6. Prepare, prepare, and prepare. Think ahead about what you need to accomplish each day so that you can be more productive, on time, and more relaxed.
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