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Home Office Organizing Tips

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Piles and piles and piles of paper everywhere!!! Does this sound like the top of your desk? Home offices, if you are not careful, can become a time consuming clutter monster once you decide to get organized. Paper is the most time consuming part of home organization and DIY home office organization projects. Every piece must be looked at to decide if it needs to be filed, shredded or thrown away. Truorder recommends going as paperless as possible once you are organized.

DIY Home Office Organizing Tips:

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have a shredder, label maker, large trash can, plenty of trash bags, several clear 16 quart Sterilite boxes for sorting office supplies and paper, files, filing cabinet, a large table for sorting, junk drawer organizer and a few boxes for donations.
  2. The first step is to pull out a stack of papers to be organized and start sorting on the table. If the “to be filed” stacks are getting too high then use the 16 quart boxes for sorting.
  3. As you are sorting make hanging files with your label maker. Subcategories in hanging files are helpful. For example: Label a hanging file: doctors, then label manila folders as subcategories with all of your family doctors names and place into the hanging file.
  4. Shred all papers no longer needed with your personal information. Throw away the rest of the paper that does not contain personal information.
  5. Once you have everything filed away then you need to check into going as paperless as possible. Most banking, investments and bills can be switched over to an electronic form. Make sure you switch to online banking if you are not doing so already. This will help control paper clutter.
  6. The next step is to sort your office supplies. Sort them into clear plastic boxes with lids and label. Sort small office supplies into a junk drawer organizer if you have a desk with drawers.
  7. Donate items no longer needed if you have an overabundance of office supplies, electronics, etc. I am sure a church or school could use the items.
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