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7 Tips for Merging Two Households Into One


Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is coming up. Wedding bells are ringing soon after for many. The next step is the merging of 2 households into one. This can be a real challenge mentally and physically. Romance flies right out the window as soon as arguments occur over what to keep, donate or throw away.

Here are a few helpful hints to help you through this process, hopefully without arguing or shedding tears.

7 Tips for Merging Two Households Into One:

  1. Be sure to take photos and measurements of the new home. This will help while picking furniture that fits into your new space. Talk about what items you each own that you think will fit into the new place. This will help during your next step.
  2. Start with the positive decisions. Take a look at all of your belongings. Take turns choosing the favorites of your loved one. Measure all likes to make sure the pieces will fit into your new space. Have fun designing the new layout.
  3. Choose the nicest items you need for everyday use, such as appliances. IF you have 2 coffee makers and 2 microwaves. Choose the newest and nicest of the two. Donate or sell the extra item. Do the purge before the merge. No one needs two of everything.
  4. Decide who gets each closet, storage space and drawer space. Be sure to divide storage space realistically and fairly. If your mate is moving into your existing space and it’s filled, then it’s time for a major home organization overhaul so your home can be yours together and not yours alone. It is necessary to de-clutter and let go of items you may still like in order to merge two households in a way that makes sense. The merging of 2 homes is a time of sacrifice for the person you love. They will feel at home and a part of your life if this can be done in a non-selfish way.
  5. Now is the time to decide what is merged in each area and what is kept separate. It’s a great idea to merge tools, lawn equipment, movies, books and music collections. Sell or donate the duplicates. It also a good idea to start one joint banking account for household bills.
  6. Decide what you would like to keep separate. It is a good idea to keep your clothing, shoes and previous years of archived important paper work separate. It is fine to keep two separate banking accounts along with one joint account.
  7. Make the tough decisions on the must haves that your significant other or you may not like. Keep an open mind during this decision time and compromise. Try it out in the new space before making a hasty decision. Sometimes the item looks better in the new space accompanied with different items. Have a friend, family member, designer or professional organizer to help you with an unbiased opinion if you are having trouble.
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