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6 Tips Promoting Home Organization


6 Tips Promoting Home Organization

  1. Donate, Sell or Trash home contents that have not been used within the last year or two with the exception of a reasonable amount of keepsakes and pictures.
  2. Clutter is paralyzing. Less is so much more! Most people have too much stuff! Fill a few boxes or bags every weekend for goodwill, trash collector or recycling center until your home feels light and airy. Everyone in your family can do the same until your space is de-cluttered & organized.
  3. Do not make home improvement or home organizing item purchases until you are ready that particular day to use it or build it. Buy for the day, less Clutter.
  4. Each day you work on a de-cluttering or organizing project, get rid of donations and trash the same day. Immediate de-cluttering makes a positive impact on each space.
  5. Title each room and space inside your home. Assign a home for each object within your home. When items are returned to it’s particular spot the space stays organized. Everyday life is more calm and easy as a result of creating a home for all contents.
  6. Sort like items together throughout your home. Buy home organizing products and label where necessary.

Success Hints For Sticking With Your Home Organizing Projects.

  • Be realistic with time. Home organization can be a very long and tedious process in many areas of your home. Be sure to break large projects into pieces to avoid burn out and exhaustion. Basements, garages and attics are the largest storage areas of most homes and take the most amount of time to finish.
  • Set aside thirty minutes to an hour a day for light organization & de-cluttering.
  • One or two days a week of hard physical home organizing work is enough. Each 3 to 5 hour session is hard work so take a few days off in-between sessions to give your mind and body time to heal.
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