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6 Kitchen Organization Tips: How to set up a mini kitchen during renovations.

Kitchen Renovation Tips

Kitchen renovations are such an exciting time. You are finally going to have your dream kitchen! Avoid kitchen renovation headaches by setting up a make shift kitchen during the process. Kitchen organization is doable during renovations if you plan ahead.

Did you know that kitchen renovations, on the average, take 5 weeks to complete?  Most people do not want to eat out for a solid 5 weeks.

It’s a great idea to set up a mini kitchen in another room to use during your kitchen renovation. Below are 6 kitchen renovation tips on how to set up a mini kitchen from a professional organizer.

6 Kitchen Organization Tips. How to set up a mini kitchen during renovations.

  1. Buy a simple foldable buffet table to set up your mini kitchen.
  2. Place your microwave, toaster oven and coffee maker on the table.
  3. If you make smoothies on a regular basis, then place your blender on the table.
  4. Place a trash can beside the table and a few laundry baskets under the table to hold can and boxed goods.
  5. Ideally, place your refrigerator beside the table.
  6. I also recommend buying a great multi-use indoor grill.

You can make an entire nutritious meal with this set up. If you are planning on getting all new appliances, it is a good idea to hold onto the old until your new kitchen is useable.


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