How to remove a 1,000 pounds of office clutter

Does your office building have storage rooms stuffed with boxes of indecision? After an event do you save all of the decorations and marketing materials never to be touched or used again? If so you may want to hire a professional organizer to help you de-clutter and get organized.

How to remove over a 1,000 pounds of office clutter

  • De-clutter all print rooms by recycling opened unused and wrinkled paper that is discolored because of age and nonuse. Remove donated and trashed items that do not belong in the print room.
  • Marketing storage can have well over 500 pounds of clutter recycling to remove. De-clutter opened and unopened boxes of marketing materials. Recycle outdated materials.
  • Purge event storage rooms of old party and event supplies. Donate what you can. Throw away or recycle damaged supplies.
  • The IT server and storage rooms hold a lot of clutter. Outdated technology, cords and packaging can be recycled.
  • General office storage rooms with banker boxes of outdated files can be sorted through and purged. Each banker box holds 50 pounds of paper. Items no longer needed can be recycled, shredded and old office contents such as old black plastic and wire organizers can be donated.

And that is how to remove over a 1,000 of office clutter!


Questions to ask when de-cluttering sentimental items

When you find yourself in the position of having to sort through sentimental stuff be sure to break the project up into manageable time blocks. If you find yourself completely overwhelmed take a break and sleep on it. A good nights sleep can give you a new perspective.

Questions to ask while de-cluttering sentimental items

  • If you were shopping today would you buy the item in the current condition?
  • Is the item displayed in a decorative way that is pleasing to you?
  • Is the item in good repair?
  • Do you have room for the item in your current home?
  • Does the item give you feelings of guilt, regret or anything negative?

If you answered no to any of the questions above you should get rid of the item. Donate, trash or recycle it if your time is limited or if it does not have great worth. Invite friends or family members over to pick out the nicer items you may want to give away. If you decide to sell the item you may want to try an online auction site or an estate sale.

Move forward

Clutter can lead you into a negative loop of regret and indecision. Many people find themselves in a state of chaos because of past mistakes. Some are frozen, have a hard time finding energy and they have no idea of where to begin. Do not let anything get in the way of moving forward. All it takes is one step forward to begin. Grab a bag and fill it with clutter. Clutter is anything that gets in the way of making the life you want now. Make a habit of getting rid of anything that gets in your way.

Benefits of de-cluttering

  • Less stress
  • Clear mind
  • Creative space
  • Positive wellbeing
  • More energy




Top ways to reduce paper clutter

Office Organization

  • Stop printing. Electronic documents that are saved into organized folders are easy to find. Resist the temptation of printing and save a tree.
  • Recycle and shred. Open mail next to a recycle bin and shredder. 80% of the mail we receive is junk mail. Shred mail that has sensitive information only.
  • Create a filing system. Make logical tabs that make sense to you and keep it simple.
  • Create a take action system. Incoming mail such as invoices and bills need to be kept in a file folder or basket labeled “take action”.
  • Create a receipt system. Keep only receipts you need to use for taxes or if you need to return something. Create a receipt file and clean it out once a year.
  • Hire Help. A professional organizer can help de-clutter paper, set up a filing system and maintain order in your environment.

Why office organization is the key to productivity

Organized Working Space

  • Save time. The average employee wastes 6 weeks a year looking for something they cannot find. NAPO
  • Reduced stress. When everything has a designated home it increases work satisfaction and it’s easy to remember important deadlines.
  • Healthy environment. Productivity increases when you work in a clean and organized environment.
  • Good impressions. A clean and organized office is perceived as a professional environment that is more desirable and trustworthy to a potential client or employee.
  • More focus. Focus on the job at hand instead of the distraction of clutter.
  • Delegate when necessary. Get help. Hire a professional organizer to help with office organization and de-cluttering.