Top reasons to start time blocking

What is time blocking? Time blocking is way of scheduling various tasks to focus on one thing at a time for a scheduled time frame. If you have trouble doing unwanted tasks that really need to get done, then this technique can help you finish a to do list without getting distracted trying to multitask.

Top reasons to start time blocking

  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase sales
  • Save money
  • Make deadlines
  • More time
  • More money

How to find inner peace

  • Relax   Take a walk, meditate, swim, do yoga or listen to music. Find something that works for you and make time for it.
  • Be early   Stress and anger can set in quickly if you are in a rush. Make a point of leaving 20 minutes earlier than the norm.
  • Let go   Anything negative from the past needs to be thrown away like garbage. Try to focus on each day because it’s a gift.
  • Say no   Don’t be afraid to say no. Avoid overextending. Every minute of the day does not need to be filled with a task.
  • De-clutter   Clutter in the environment is a stressor, distractor and time stealer. Clear clutter weekly for a clear mind.
  • Ask for help   If you are not sure how to do something or you are overwhelmed hire or ask someone for help.
  • Take action   Do not wait around until you are frantic to do something that is pressing. Start early and get it done.
  • Unplug   Take a break from work, media, tv, or computer. Our minds need a break from information overload.
  • Pray or worship   Grace, forgiveness and faith promote inner peace.

Got clutter? How to get rid of 50 things and keep it out of the landfill.

Go Paperless

• Plastic containers
• Packaging
• Glass jars
• Magazines
• Coffee cans
• Phone books
• To go menus
• Expired coupons
• Newspaper
• Worksheets
• Printed emails
• To go containers
• Grocery bags
• Styrofoam cups and containers
• Plastic water bottles
• Sippy cups
• Old windows
• Mirrors
• Nails and screws
• Aerosol cans
• Wine and beer bottles
• Vases
• Old electronics and cords
• Milk and juice containers
• Medicine bottles
• Greeting cards
• Deodorant containers
• Ink toners and cartridges
• Aluminum Foil
• Eye glasses
• Mattresses
• Wires
• Furniture
• Appliances
• Building materials
• Clothing
• Wall Art
• Picture frames
• Unused paint
• Lamps
• Jewelry
• Shoes
• Exercise equipment
• Toys
• Games
• Lighting
• Books
• Magazines
• Purses and wallets
• Albums

Top consumable gifts that anyone would love

Consumable gifts are a fantastic alternative to toys or any tangible gift that more often than not becomes clutter. The average American does not use 75% of what they own. Stuff sits in closets, under beds, attics, basements and garages unused collecting dust. Why not reduce clutter by giving time, experiences or a class?

Top consumable gifts that anyone would love

  • Make a favorite dessert or dinner
  • Give the gift of time
  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Movie or golf certificates
  • Membership to museum, zoo or amusement park
  • Concert or performing arts tickets
  • Trip with family or friends
  • Gift certificate for a home service like lawn care or cleaning
  • Voucher to babysit or help a friend with a needed home project
  • Give the gift of a class, such as, karate, gymnastics or swim


Tips and tricks to preserve your favorite photos

  • The most important part of photo organization is to take photos out of scrapbooks and albums that are not acid free because it causes discoloration.
  • Use dental floss to help remove photos from sticky magnetic photo albums.
  • Scan photos that are too delicate to remove. It’s also a good idea to scan all favorite photos and back up onto an external hard drive or to the cloud.
  • Buy acid free photo boxes and albums for storage and organize photos to enjoy.