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10 Parenting Tips on How to Raise an Organized Child

1. Be consistent.
Consistency is so important when raising an organized child. Parents need to be very consistent in their actions, routines and discipline. So many parents make the mistake of setting limits but they never follow through. You have to follow through to make a limit meaningful. Inconsistent hot air will not get you very far in parenting.

2. Do not overbuy for your children.
We live in such an overindulgent society. Many parents make the mistake of buying too many toys, games and clothes for their kids. Think of quality and not quantity when you are buying something for your child. If you already have too much then think about donating a portion to a children’s home or a family in need.

3. Get organized.
Organized parents are more likely to have organized children. Make sure your children are involved in the organizing process. Hire a professional organizer if you need help. Make sure everything has a home label it, contain it and return it to it’s home when you are finished with it.

4. Donate regularly.
Keep a donation box or bag at all times. Once your bag or box is full then drop it off to a donation center or a thrift store. When you buy something new drop a few older items into your donation box.

5. Make sure your children have a daily chore.
Children feel more important if they know their help is needed to keep their home a haven. Make sure the chore is age appropriate. Start with small chores when they are babies. Babies love to help put blocks or cars into a basket. Sure you can let them dump it and do it again. They love repetition and it will help them learn to keep their things organized in the future.

6. Make sure you have a rotation rule.
When something new comes in something old goes out. Don’t forget to rotate and donate.

7. Make sure you have a master family calendar in the kitchen.
Electronics are great, but most children do not have access to your electronic calendar. Make sure you have a calendar of some sort in your kitchen that your children have access to. Write down appointments, sport activities and birthdays on a monthly calendar. Most parents need all the help they can get in remembering daily activities.

8. Prepare for each day the night before.
Prepare for each day the night before. It’s amazing how much faster you can get out of the door if you prepare. Lay your outfit and shoes out the night before you wear it. Think about what you would like to prepare for dinner the next day. Chop a few vegetables and store in your refrigerator to speed your dinner process up.

9. Make sure everyone is responsible for their own clean clothes.
Make sure everyone is responsible for their own clothes if it is age appropriate. As soon as a child can open a drawer or place clothes on a hanger get them involved. Have a laundry basket for each member of the family and label. Have that person put their own clothes away. If they put it away then they should be able to find it. Make sure they have plenty of drawer and hanging space that they can reach. You may need to buy a step stool for little ones.

10. Make sure everyone is returning everything to it’s home.
Everything needs to have a home. Create a space to store everything. When everyday things have a home they are more likely to be returned to it’s place. Label whatever necessary to help you find what you organized and put away.

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